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Now you can keep a track of your luggage with this new App


The worst part of travelling is waiting in long lines. Specially when you have to wait in baggage just to find out your luggage is in another city. But all thanks to a new app by “American Airlines” which will now let you keep track of your luggage.

If you fly American Airlines, you’re in luck because they’ve just announced they’re releasing a genius app that lets you keep track of your suitcases. The new feature is called Customer Bag Notification (CBN), and it lets passengers know the location of their luggage if it’s in another city.

CBN works by giving passengers different notifications that let them know the whereabouts of their checked baggage, specifically when their belongings are in a different location than the passenger. An alert comes in as soon as the passenger arrives at their final destination.

This new app seems like a great way to kick off a vacation. Lost luggage is now a thing of the past.

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