Norway to become 1st country to switch off FM radio

Norway has finally taken on the decision to become the first nation to switch off it FM radio network by next week. The decision came about in a risky leap to the digital boom, which will be closely analysed by other countries that will plan whether to follow or not.

According to critics, the government is making a heavy and quick swift towards the revolutionary world of the future, which may result in people missing out warnings on emergencies that have till date been initially announced on FM radio networks. They said it in reference to the estimated 2 million cars in the country that are not supplied with the digital tech in order to be alerted about the sudden warnings and emergencies.

Apparently, 66% of the countrymen have opposed the decision of the government with only 17% standing in favour. This was read according to an opinion poll published by daily Dagbladet last month.

Nonetheless, the nation’s parliament has given the final verdict for the removal of FM radio networks, clarifying the acceptance and demand of the digital world and what they can carry, which is expected to be more than that of radio channels.

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