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New Jews scholar Col. Eyal Karim permits soldiers to rape non-Jews women to ‘boost morale’

The Jews scholar Col. Eyal Karim appointment, which still needs the approval of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, has been harshly criticized because of his remarks on women, gay people and non-Jews.

Karim has implied that it is permissible to rape gentile women during wartime, In other words, soldiers can rape innocent women during times of war in order to keep their morale up.

Israeli Defense Forces claims that rabbi’s remarks don’t represent army’s values. Karim has said, among other things, that wounded terrorists should be killed, that gay people are sick and that women are sentimental.

We can all agree to condemn this statement. But it’s important that we do not condemn it out of hand. It, racism, is not only disgusting because its conclusion is morally wrong.  It isn’t true that we women are inferior to men. It simply isn’t true that any level of actual inferiority could justify the horrors of slavery and second-class citizenship

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