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NESCAFÉ teases traditional ‘Chai’ lovers with its instant Coffee!


NESCAFÉ teases traditional 'Chai' lovers with its instant Coffee!

Nescafe has come up with the challenge of the decade. What was considered as the most powerful battle of all time, Chai VS Coffee, has been targeted by the coffee gnome in its latest stunt!

In its freshly launched TVC, Nescafe compares the stereotypical chai fanatic with the instant coffee lover. Well, to drink coffee is a win win situation; you get to win against the monster of sleep, refreshen your mind, and finally nothing can beat what ignites within you, due to the aroma of Coffee.

I, totally, liked the idea and the way Nescafe is promoting its brand. Only within mere hours of the ad update, thousands of people have shared the video, and nearly the same amount of people are fighting over the question that; ‘Whether Coffee is better than Chai or not?’ Thumbs up, Nescafe for this incredible idea!

The heat is on and there is no time; who will win this ultimate battle? So are you ready to #KickStartYourDay with Coffee instead of Chai?!

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