Muslims, Hindus or Christians! Who is more willing to help fellows in need?

Violence, aggression, and crime have become the intonation that this world goes by.  A lot of people have experienced harassment, abuse, mob mentality and other cases of hostility in their life; however, there are very few who intervene. In order to find the tendency found in people to help each other, based on religion, a new survey on 2000 respondents questioned the participant’s willingness about intervention in extreme situations.

The survey in question, named as Bystander Backlash, was conducted by Bay Alarm Medical, a California-based medical services company. However, there are no claims regarding the scientific validity of this research.

The findings that came out of the research were quite interesting to note. It was found that a greater percentage of Muslims and Hindus will help in “extreme situations” as compared to the Christians.

Muslims, Hindus or Christians! Who is more willing to help fellows in need?

About 24 per cent of people said that they would start making a video if they saw a police officer meaninglessly harassing an African American man, while 21 per cent said they would completely ditch the circumstance and place of crime. Moreover, about twice as many people said that would step in to help an abuse against a dog, rather than a person.

The company spokeswoman Stacia Mullaney revealed;

“We found that gender also played a role in how a person responded. Women were slightly more likely to passively monitor a situation, much more likely to call for help, and somewhat less likely to step in.”

She further stated that, as the research revealed, Muslims and Hindus are more likely to help than Christians. However, they have no idea how a religion affects the compassion and sympathy among the individuals, when in the first place the inspiration for the research was based on religion.

So, are you amongst those who run away, or will stay to help your fellow in need?