Mobilink and Warid merge together into Jazz

According to an online news portal, it has been hinted that Mobilink and Warid are merging into a single brands name – Jazz. However, the news is not confirmed by the officials. As per a video message quoted by the online news portal, CEO Mobilink, Aamir Ibrahim said:

Assalam o Alikum; some of you must be thinking what is this surprise video about?

I have to share some news with you. As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, there are few more things I wanted to say goodbye to. So its been a great run with Mobilink but I think its time to say goodbye to Mobilink and to Mobilinkers.

As the circle of life, people come and people go, things come and things go.

I hope you can join me at on Monday 5PM in the courtyard, so I can personally thank you and say goodbye to all my Mobilink friends.

Apparently Director PR Anjum Rehman – Mobilink has not confirmed any such news and said she’s unaware of the development.

But, the fact that Jazz may just become the country’s largest telecom brand with over 50 million customers is a sight worth waiting for. The hinted news will also mark the completion of the merger between Mobilink-Warid. So, Warid will also phase out after the integration and all its customers will ultimately move to Jazz.

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