Mobilink launches

Mobilink has launched its new value added service (VAS) “Ba Khabar Kisaan”, on Sunday; to help farmers, and agriculture business holders connect with the breakthroughs in the agriculture sector.

Ba Khabar Kisaan is an app-based service which will provide farmers with an opportunity to learn about modern methods of farming, health education, local weather updates, local market rates, latest farming techniques, market information on crops, precautions needed for plants, crop insurance, and through the clock helpline for any questions related to agri-business training.

Ba Khabar Kisaan’s launch was held in Dera Sardar Sarfraz Khan, Attock; where farmers from around the area flocked to attend the event.

The service is completely free of cost and will help the farmers produce more crops with good quality. All the  other data can be availed through Ba Khabar Kisaan Website and the Android app for the service can be downloaded from here.