Microsoft and Disney in a line to buy Twitter

According to reports revealed by the foreign media; Microsoft Corp and Walt Disney Co. have now joined the long line of potential buyers for Twitter Inc. Twitter shares have been dropped down by almost $23.33 in after-market trading.

The popular social networking site, is reportedly, under talks with various big technology companies for a selling deal. Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc and Inc are also waiting for the bid ¬†to happen.

As per different insider sources, Salesforce is currently working along with the Bank of America to invest money on the bid.

Walt Disney is also working with a financial adviser to evaluate a possible bid for Twitter. On the other hand, Microsoft is also gearing up for the big bet.

“At this moment, Microsoft has nothing to share,” said a spokeswoman for the company.

However, people have been speculating that Facebook Inc might be interested in buying its competitor. But, rumor has it that the networking giant is not involving itself in Twitter shares.

Facebook declined to comment on the matter, while, Twitter and Disney are not available to comment on this matter.

According to the reports; a sale could occur in the next 30 to 45 days.

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