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Something went extremely wrong in Mashal Khan case. But a poor father still demands nothing!


Something went extremely wrong in Mashal Khan case. But a poor father still demands nothing!

A student of Mass Communication at Abdul Wali Khan University, Mashal Khan, was lynched to death by an angry mob, which considered it their right to murder him due to an alleged blasphemy. Guilty of being a blasphemer or not, the so called ‘educated’ students of university considered it their core responsibility to kill an innocent soul so brutally that it has scarred the future of an entire country.

Oblivious to what fate was brewing for him, the unfortunate deceased was dragged out of his locked room and beaten to death in varsity. Even after lynching him to death, the blood-driven students continued to beat him to the point that his tattered clothes were shredded into complete pieces and skull exploded into pieces. On the other hand, all this “blasphemer” could do was chant “Allah-o-Akbar” till his death.

Very few know that it was not only Mashal, but his friend was also the centre of this angry mob, but fortunately he was saved while the former was not. It’s not just a mentality of two or three dozens of students or event two to three hundred, it was the mob of more than three to four thousand students, as revealed by the hostel warden, where the deceased used to reside. Here is the video of an angry mob charging towards campus:

How can we turn a blind eye to humanity? Where was humanity in this entire incident? Where was it? How could a person be accused of blasphemy on baseless evidences and be beaten to death so barbarically. This is not what our religion preaches. This is certainly not the ideology of Islam.

“No one believes the Prophet more than I do. I never committed blasphemy, I’m a Sufi myself. Please take me to the hospital” – Mashal Khan’s last words.

His friends and family quote him as the humble lover of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and a preacher of Islam. His daring father and down to earth sister want nothing, do not even cry, for their beloved has been so ruthlessly snatched from them. All they want and know is that the final decision lies on one and one ALLAH only, and he is all powerful and the best judge of all.

Here is what Mashal Khan’s father told media after his unfortunate son’s death:

We pray that there be no Mashal Khan in the future. We pray that each and every person accountable for this brutal and cold-blooded murder be hanged to death. We pray that Mashal be resting peacefully in Jannah, oblivious of the wrath that this ignorant nation has called upon itself.

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