This man signed his emails as female co-worker & experienced modern day sexism!

Workplace sexism is nothing new. Be it Pakistan, India or any other advanced country like America, girls have first-hand witnessed what it feels to be cornered. However, this recent case of man impostor as a girl will definitely explain every man what it feels to be a woman at narrow-minded workplaces.

Martin Schneider, Male, and Nicole Hallberg, Female, were together employees of a small employment service company when they made shocking discoveries about how differently they were treated by clients.

Hallberg was constantly rebuked and criticized by her boss and clients for the work she did, on the other hand Schneider enjoyed the privilege of being the best. However, one fine day Schneider realized why his female best friend was censured every time…

And then the realization hit him hard that he was actually sending the emails signed off with Hallberg’s name, the reason behind so rough week!

When he asked his female colleague, she told him that this happens all the time. So…

How did it went for Schnedier who was pretending to be a girl?

And what happened when Schneider told boss what happened with their female employee everyday? Hallberg wrote a complete post, in which she explains the irrelevant attitude:

He didn’t believe us. He actually said “There are a thousand reasons why the clients could have reacted differently that way. It could be the work, the performance… you have no way of knowing.” For the first time in two years, I *almost* lost my cool. I wanted to grab him by the arms and shake him, scream in his face until he heard me, stress cry and scream at the sky until the world made sense. But I did not cry. That would be breaking The Rules that had kept me alive in this company for this long.”

However, she braved the opportunity and proved that she wasn’t wrong and her work was better than her male counterparts:

“Instead, I quit and started my own business writing blog posts and web copy as a freelancer. In an office of one, I can finally put my walls down.”

You can read her full story here.

So this is what sort of sexism female employees have to go through in majority places. What reason do you have now?

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