Malala pleads world leaders to act for refugee children

Malala Yousafzai has pleaded all world leaders that were gathered for the first-ever UN summit on refugees, where they were advised not to waste time with a “pageantry of sympathy” and act to stabilize the schooling system for the refugee children, worldwide.

A summit will be hosted by the United Nations on refugees and migrants for the first time, on the 19th of September. The summit will be followed by a pleading conference for new proposals of aid to refugees hosted by US President Barack Obama.

Malala has urged all world and political leaders to refuse short-term resolutions to the refugee crisis that is now seen to affect 21.3 million people, including nearly four million children.

Every refugee child should have access to 12 years of schooling, she urged.

“Refugee girls are wondering how long they can stay out of school before they’re forced into early marriages or child labor. They’re hoping for more than survival,” Malala said in a statement.

“Why do world leaders waste our time with this pageant of sympathy while they are unwilling to do the one thing that will change the future for millions of children?” she asked.


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