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Make a contribution and shop from ‘Ahsan Stationers’


Coming across a very sincere and sensitive post on Facebook, I could not stop but write and ask for nothing but a small contribution.

A stationary shop near SKBZ College, Phase 6, DHA, Karachi – Ahsan Stationers, has been standing with the same old board for the past many years. The post asks for nothing but a little contribution to the hardworking shop keeper of the old store, who might just be struggling to get his family the best meal of the day, holding to every penny he gets with every item bought from his shop.

Make a contribution and shop from 'Ahsan Stationers'

Reading the caption along with the stature of the shop, there is no harm in spreading a word of kindness and putting forth a helping hand for someone working day and night for the well-being of his family. Living in a society where you only find negativity, this positive post won my heart and provoked me to use my power and spreading the message with the hope that positivity has not died among the people of Pakistan.

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