These 'Made in Pakistan' electric bikes are cheaper than usual motorcycles

With latest updates, Pakistan is finally sought to have a local manufacturer for Electronic Bikes. The acclaimed party has already proceeded forward with a successful production of fully operational e-bikes, opting only for locally available resources.

The firm – Jolta International, based near Bahria Town Rawalpindi, showcased their newly developed three e-bikes in Gwadar.

The company is going to launch three commercial variants of e-bikes in Pakistan, namely the E70, E100 and E125. However, many details have not yet been finalized, but according to reports, the base model E70 will be retailed in Pakistan for an estimated Rs. 35,000.

The electronic bikes are subjected to be environment friendly, fuel-free, smoke-free, noiseless, and pollution free.

According to Jolta, its e-bikes are highly cost effective and manufactured specifically for the Pakistani audience.

Further details about the e-bikes are mentioned below:

  • E70
    • Charge Time: 5 Hours
    • Travel in one charge: 50KM
    • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 15 (1.7 units)
    • Top Speed: 50km/hour
    • Price: Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 (not finalized yet)
  • E100
    • Charge Time: 6 Hours
    • Travel in one charge: 70KM
    • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 20 (2.5 units)
    • Top Speed: 60km/hour
    • Price: Not finalized yet
  • E125
    • Charge Time: 7-8 Hours
    • Travel in one charge: 120KM
    • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 32 (4 units)
    • Top Speed: 80km/hour
    • Price: Not finalized yet

The locally manufactured e-bikes come with motorized engines, without any piston or fuel emissions.

According to reports gathered, Jolta International claimed that it is ready to commercialize its e-bikes nationwide. Without any final deadline put forth, Jolta official said that national consumers can expect the e-bikes to be found in stores within a few months. The statements also recalled that the features and specifications will modify and enhance with time.

Jolta International has already signed a deal for delivery of 2,500 e-bikes for Gwadar Free Zone Company, in order to make the area a pollution free and emission free zone.

The company also shared its motive to invest $10 million in Pakistan in two spheres; by setting up an assembly unit followed by a manufacturing unit.

The company also intends to manufacture e-cars and shuttle buses in the near future for Pakistani customers.

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