List of Private School Fees shocks every eye!

The recent and updated chart sheet of private school fees, which has taken social media by storm, has enlisted all registered 188 schools of Karachi along with their monthly fees budget.

The sheet just shows an idea about the fee structure of different schools and is constantly being updated by concerns.

This sheet is just for an idea about the fees of different schools in Karachi

The link mentioned above only shows the updated sheet of monthly tution fee, which are way beyond reach at some schools! There are many others like book pack charges, computer charges and most important admission fees and security deposit charges that can be around 100,000 for some schools.

Karachi Private School Fees

It is a shame to see how education has become a business for people who actually have the chance to better Pakistan by educating the upcoming generations. For those who cannot afford high fees, do they not have the right to let their children avail quality education for a better and brighter future?

Unfortunately, even a work of charity and national interest is a business for people today. People like Late Abdul Sattar Edhi only come once in a generation, or even a lifetime! Hope to see some positive change in the society; a change that will actually revolutionize the schooling system (from education to fees and other activities).

Sources: Karachi School Fees (Facebook page).

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