Lipton responds to Zaalima creatively . . .

Recently, I came across an ad that was a response to Coco Cola by Lipton on a recent blooming brand war between Coke & Tea. Since the past few days, the TVC of Coco Cola creatively relating to the concept that ‘Coke is better than Tea’ has been making rounds across the internet, with people giving their two cents in support of either.

In response to the one-sided ‘best among the best’ campaign, Chai companies have started to initiate their own replies in an innovative manner with different on-point answers to the budding question that which is better; Coke or Chai?

Being a branding blogger, I couldn’t see the war situation between the two. In the midst, all I could see is a healthy competition striving to reach a common goal of branding their own products. It was basically what we all wanted to see, unlike past experiences, where brands forgot all the ethics and norms and escalated the fight to a completely different level. This time the situation of the Coke vs Chai brand war is completely different where the answers are being given to thy point and catchy in approach.

So, all in all, job done well Coke to instigate all the Chai brands out there; and excellent response by Chai companies for giving such creative answers. We absolutely loved it! In times like these, it is good to see brand wars and competitions, as such responses crave us for what reply the other product or company has to come up with.

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