Leisure Leagues is undoubtedly the first ever and the largest football revival or more appropriately international inception in the country. With foreign players already under radar for the successful matches coming up, the plans to make this league bigger and better than ever are already in pipeline.

Recently, Leisure Leagues announced its initial venues, in which the matches have already started from 26th March, 2016.

Rahat Stadium
Karachi United
Sixteen Star Football Ground
KMC Stadium
Maj. Shabbir Shaheed Ground Malir Cantt
Play On Joher
The Stadium E-11

Total Football Ayub

Coming to the current operations, League has around 80 teams throughout the country. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad have already launched the leagues, while Sialkot is going to be the next stop due to being a sports loving city.

The exhibition match will be held in Pakistan with Ronaldinho And Friends, slated to become the biggest sporting event in country. George Boateng and David James would also be a part of this exhibition match, in which two 7-A-Sides will play against each other.

Five other players will also be announced for this game which will feature some of the biggest names in football. The venue for this match is yet to be announced.

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