The launch of women specific shop - Heya

Matrix Intech is launching Pakistan’s First ever Women specific Online Shop “Heya” on 20th March, 2017 so women can shop online with more ease from girls.

Yes, Heya has a complete team of female entrepreneurs and they are launching this portal so women can have some relief from the male dominated bazars. The team behind “Heya” claims that they will redefine women’s online shopping experiences and they will have each and everything that a woman need in term of dresses, shoes, beauty, home décor, accessories and their own health.  Their slogan is Shop by Women & Sell by Women”.

In fast changing world, E-commerce trends are changing more rapidly, data statistics have become the most important thing.  E-commerce stores are focusing on customer data. So, it will not be wrong, if we say future of E-commerce is gender specific targeting.

Research shows that:

  • Women shopping experiences are social and comprehensive while men have simple and straight forward.
  • Women normally shop for their future needs and men shop for immediate need.
  • Women are more selective and take time while men go with the minimum viable product.
  • Women make impulse purchases while men think more logically.
  • Women are more responsive to marketing e-mails and coupon discounts while men go for out of season sale.
  • Women are more respective to other people’s opinion while men do research before a purchase.
  • Women need online chat features, discussion forums and customer views while men need detailed product description and feature comparison with other products.

In Pakistan, if we see top 10 e-commerce websites, they do not focus on data statistics. We find everything for everyone with the same selling strategies and due to this, most of the people who shop online have bad experiences.