Lahore Qalandars victory dedication has definitely made Pakistan proud!

Lahore Qalandars bagged a glorious win of 7 runs against Karachi Kings last night, 16-02-2017. However, the team couldn’t celebrate the win due to an unfortunate blast on the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan Sharif.

Owing to the recent blow of terror attacks throughout the country, the team management of Lahore Qalandars dedicated their win against Kings to the victims of the current attacks.

The chairman and owner of team Lahore Qalandars tweeted:

“We dedicate this victory to all the victims of the Lahore, Sehwan, Peshawar and Mohmand Agency blast incidents.”

Here is the original tweet:

Qalandars mourning the loss of many also wore black armbands throughout the match, in order to express their utmost sympathy and harmony in the time of dire need.

Amidst the recent wave of attacks; Lahore, Quetta and Sehwan Sharif had been targeted. The death toll nationwide has risen to great heights.