KU Professor arrested for harassing a female teacher

According to the sources, an assistant professor by the name of Dr. Farhan Kamrani  has been arrested from Karachi University by the Federal Investigation Authority’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Cell for harassing a female teacher on the internet.

The female teacher claimed in the complaint lodged with the FIA saying, that this man had set up a fake social media profile impersonating her. As well as, facebook pages were being created under her name.

“He created five fake Facebook pages, and I lodged the first complaint in May 2015,” the victim said to the reporters.

The FIA officials said that, Kamrani (the culprit), was also charged with posting immoral pictures on a webpage connected to the complainant.

“A lecturer of a private university had submitted a complaint before the Cyber Crime Cell of the FIA recently, stating that someone had made a fake Facebook profile impersonating her,” stated FIA officials.

FIA officials also said that they had contacted Facebook to discover the identity of the suspect, so they can verify the case further.

While talking to the reporters, Campus Security Advisor Dr Khalid Iraqi also confirmed the incident and said, “FIA has sent the copy of the First Information Report (FIR) to the KU registrar and acting upon that the vice-chancellor has decided to suspend the professor”.

The fake profile page which Kamrani had set up was taken down by the FIA following his arrest. Where as, Kamrani has also been taken under custody for 14 days by a judicial magistrate, under Section 21 of the recently passed Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016, added FIA officials.

The conviction is non-bailable and non-compoundable, meaning the accused can not be pardoned by the complainant.

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