Key holder of Khana Kaaba inaugurated Iqra University tower

Iqra University tower held its inauguration ceremony yesterday, 31st March 2017. The tower was inaugurated by honourable
Al Shaikh Dr Saleh Bin Zain Abdullah Shaibi (key holder of Khana Kaaba) and his son.

The ceremony took place at 2 PM, Mr. Huanid Lakhani wrote and invited all the members of Iqra University on Facebook:

“Please join us for Inauguration Ceremony followed by Collective Dua.”

Dr. Abdul Rehman bin Saleh bin Zain-ul-Abideen Alshaibi (Deputy Chief of Key Holder of the Holy Kaaba) was present along with Maulana Bashir Farooqui, founding Chairman of Saylani Welfare Trust, Mr. Hunaid Lakhani, Founder Chancellor Iqra University and Dr. Wasim Qazi, Vice Chancellor Iqra University.

Many leading news channels covered the event. Iqra University once again proved itself to be the No. 1 University. The entire faculty members of university and students were also present at the event.

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