“Karachi Youth Parliament” which is one of the Bilingual Conference; is coming this November in Karachi.

This Youth Parliament is established by Karachi Youth Productions which is a private youth based organization in Karachi, Pakistan. It was established by young motivated individual in 2013 and has now prolonged to become one of the leading private youth organizations of Karachi.

Karachi Youth Parliament will be an extraordinary academic simulation plus a platform for the youth featuring 3 of the largest Bilingual Debate Committees which will allow them to lift their voice regarding the most vital issues linked to Pakistan and its political System towards those in power.


  • Aqib Khalique (President)
  • Ammad Khalique (Vice President)
  • Faiz Ur Rehman (Treasurer)
  • Abdullah Jamal (Secretary General)
  • John Hussain (Academic Curator)
  • Alishaz Mushtaq (Director General)

To register yourself for the biggest Bilingual Debate, visit the website: Karachi Youth Parliament