Karachi schools to close again for winter vacations?

Winters in Karachi have reached a new low. The forecast as predicted has started to plummet the weather, with scale reaching as low as 12-degree Celsius. Thus, the parents have started to demand vacations, in line with the decreasing weather and increase in diseases among the school going kids.

Recently, as per a report by Samaa News, owners of private schools have demanded the issuance of notice from government regarding the extension in winter vacations.

According to a faction of All Private Schools Management Association, the winter holidays were scheduled for a wrong time and with the bout of cold weather, students should be provided with the extension. Moreover, due to the cold weather and increase in disease, the shortage of students has become a great problem.

On the other hand, Sindh Education Department isn’t accepting any demand and has negated the increase in holidays. As per them, extended holidays will be provided from next year.

The private schools are still demanding an elongation in the holiday period.

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