Justin Trudeau goes overboard with his 'Eid greetings' & people are furious about it

Everyone just loves the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau. Recently, he took part in Toronto’s Gay Pride parade, after which many pictures from the parade were widely spread throughout social media. One of them was of Trudeau, couching down to high-five a young girl dressed as Wonder Woman and holding a rainbow flag. But, what got our attention was Trudeau’s multicoloured socks.

His Pride socks carried a subtler political message. The text on his socks read “Eid Mubarak,” honouring the religious festival that marks the end of Ramadan (Islamic holy month of fasting), which clearly coincides with Gay Pride this year.

However, there were people who were praising him for wearing such colourful socks. But, there are a lot of people who criticized him for wearing them, claiming that they had ‘Eid Mubarak’ written on them, while there were others whose feelings were hurt.

I am a huge fan of Justin Trudeau but after seeing this picture, I wasn’t really happy about it. He could have worn a T-Shirt, cap, band or anything else, but why just socks? Every religion gets serious when their sentiments are hurt. Similarly, we are clearly not happy about his way of greeting us Eid Mubarak. Maybe it was not done intentionally, but this is clearly not acceptable for Muslims.

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