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By: Hina
Mohammad Jerjees Seja, a.k.a ‘JJ’ in media circles, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ARY Digital Network Pakistan. JJ has been at the helm of the media giant’s affairs for more than 10 years now. Under JJ’s leadership, the network has progressed a lot especially ARY Digital which has turned around to be Pakistan’s #1 TV network. Previously, JJ has also been associated with other major media and advertising groups of the country such as Evernew Group, Orient McCann Erikson and Interflow Group. With a career of more than 15 years with a leading role experience in media marketing, production, media buying and planning and associated fields, JJ has grown to be a respected name in the media fraternity in regard to his professionalism and successful ideas that have repeatedly brought
exceptional results for which ever organization he has been associated with. JJ has
completed his business
education from Greenwich University Pakistan.
BM: What are the factors that make ARY apart from the other channels?
JJ: We at ARY believe in catering all sorts of audience and have always tried to work on drivers rather than the driver. ARY is a full family entertainment channel that caters for all and has been focused, we know our audience very well, since the past five years ARY has been totally dedicated towards the audience demand. Our team plays to win not to make others lose and have been ruling the morning show for the past one year, we spend time and energy in transforming people into celebrities, ARY is very focused in its own strategies.

BM: Do you believe in educational training for TV?
JJ: Education is compulsory for every field, I believe we learn something new every day it’s a continuous process. We learn with experience and struggle.

BM: How important do you think is Team Work? How effective have you found your team at ARY?
JJ: Without team you can’t do anything, I have been very fortunate to have a very effective team, we have retained our team for several years and we have grown with them. At ARY the network has grown and the team has grown along with it. The reason behind our success is a strong and efficient team and I firmly believe there is no leader without an efficient team.

BM: What difficulties are you facing running a TV channel in Pakistan?
JJ: We are a fast growing industry in a country where there is a lot of political disorder, there are no schools or training institutions for this field. In the past 15 years of satellite industry we have conducted case studies, ARY has nurtured people and transformed them into stars. The biggest problem is that people don’t believe in creating their own.

BM: How do you see the recent trend of foreign content being aired on the local channels? Do you think it’s affecting our Drama industry?
JJ: I would say there are two sides of every coin, firstly I believe no foreign content can damage our industry. This is the information era and information is easily available, content or information cannot be clogged, we have to fight with it. On the other hand the new channels coming up are damaging our industry, globally made content is disturbing the creativity of our local industry.

BM: Do you think Pakistani drama industry is promoting our cultural heritage and values?
JJ: I believe what we are showing is our culture, well culture means the way of living and that’s exactly what we are showing. Our Dramas are very close to reality and portray everyday happenings.

BM: What program / show would you say is the most popular at present?
JJ: We have various shows running in different categories, Jeeto Pakistan is one of the most top rated game shows and Our Morning Show is also the most watched Morning Show at present, in the comedy sector Bulbulay is extremely popular. To sum up we are producing complete family entertainment.

BM: How do you deal with criticism?
JJ: Verdicts we don’t care, I personally take criticism positively and work for the betterment and believe that hard work speaks nothing else.

BM: On a lighter note, ARY airs some of the most popular Comedy shows, what kind of shows do you personally like serious or comedy?
JJ: I watch everything I am a media freak, simply love watching Bulbulay, I produce Jeeto Pakistan so obviously I have a soft corner for it. In movies I prefer good comedy, the only thing I don’t watch is Horror!

BM: Any message for our readers?
JJ: Media is in the growing phase and still in the learning process, we should learn from our mistakes as to err is human, things should be taken lightly I would advise all to have a realistic approach rather than being aggressive.

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