JAZZ replaced by Q-Mobile as Hum Style Awards 2016's official partner

HUM TV is all set to debut its first ever HUM Style Awards – this year at 28th October. For this purpose, it had joined its forces with JAZZ as an official partner to set the stage on fire.

However, in an abrupt yet confirmed decision, JAZZ has been dropped as the official partner of the HUM Style Awards 2016. On the other hand, Q-Mobile has come on-board with HUM to continue the legacy of changing the Pakistan’s fashion, entertainment, and style industry.

What remains to be disclosed is the actual purpose behind JAZZ’s departure. HUM hasn’t changed its official websites’ data, which still lists JAZZ as the partner. On the other hand, the Facebook profile picture and hashtags are dedicated to Q-Mobile now.

No matter what the reason is, we still wish that HUM succeeds in making history with Q-Mobile HUM Style Awards 2016.