Your iPhone is dumping Asia with garbage!

iPhone has become a trademark smartphone for the users around the world. With 12 releases in 10 years, no brand has been able to take its place after a decade of trying. However, this boom in technology has led to the increase in ‘tech garbage’ around the world.

As per the scientists, Asia had a record 63 per cent increase in the quantity of e-waste. E-waste basically means electronic waste which means the disposition of cable, electronic products, trimmers, Furbies and especially iPhones.

A study conducted by United Nations University led by Ruediger Kuehr mentions:

“More and more gadgets and toys are coming with either a plug or a battery, and it’s all substantially contributing to an increase in e-waste.”

It is being attributed that the most cases of hazardous e-waste result from burning iPhones. The study was conducted in almost 12 Asian countries, claiming increase in waste in the number of products subsequent to the ever-increasing middle class in this region.

What’s shocking is that a massive amount of e-waste is exported to the poorer parts of Asia from West, resulting in heaping garbage.

So, the next time you buy an iPhone, keep in mind that it is the foremost indicator of the increasing swarming garbage and e-waste around the world.

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