Intel shuts down direction operations, close all of its offices in Pakistan

According to an online news portal, the largest processor maker of the world, Intel Corporation has decided to shut down its offices in Pakistan. The head office in Karachi has already been shut down alongside other representative offices in different cities.

Intel has already laid off majority of its employees, except some which were shifted to the corporation’s offices based in Singapore and Malaysia.

The former country manager Naveed Siraj has also left Intel to join Dell EMC as country manager for Afghanistan and Pakistan. On the other hand, in the shifting strategy, the company’s marketing manager Asma Aziz was just shifted to Singapore.

The decision has been taken after the corporation’s flexible business strategy that focuses on cutting costs from different countries while only focusing on lucrative markets. Due to the transition in this business strategy, the giant will focus more on Cloud computing rather than hardware solution.

However, even though the direct operations have been suspended in the country, Intel has continued its functioning through select business partners and vendors. Its operations are being directed through regional office based in Malaysia.