Minister of Finance Ishaq Dar is continuously announcing that the government will soon provide broadband facilities all across the country, in its step to inculcate financial and digital development all across the country – taking it one step closer to “Digital Pakistan”.

He announced that the present government is adding a subsidy of Rs. 12 billion during this year’s development, which would add over 56,000 subscribers.

“The world has recognised Pakistan’s economic development and is forecasting that it would become the 32nd largest economy of the world by 2030,” proudly boasted Ishaq Dar.

He further stated the the country would rank among the top 17 economies by 2050. Because the government is keen in taking a step for the development of “Digital Pakistan”.

Minister of State for Information Technology Anusha Rahman revealed that about 1 million people would get a chance to avail 3G connectivity facilities with the total cost of project spanning over Rs4.6 billion. The government would provide 75.6% cost of the total project while the remaining amount would be paid in collaboration with telecommunication giant Telenor.

Anusha Rahman stated:

“The current project is a step forward towards prime minister’s vision of a digital Pakistan.”

“So far, about 4,226 uncovered mouzas were covered by USF and other projects for the provision of broadband facilities were in progress in Balochistan.”