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VIDEO: Indian Army Cadet brutally beaten by instructors


A video has been posted by a Facebook user, Vaneet Gupta, which showcases the extent of brutality being inflicted, in the name of discipline, over Indian army cadets. The video portrays the seniors ruthlessly beating up the junior with a stick and a rope; and has managed to spark outrageous debate among the masses.

This video has gone viral, all across the web.

While most of the people are labeling this practice as the method of “toughening up”, there is no doubt that such pitiless and inhumane punishments in no way promote the ideology of strength and agility.

On one hand, when asked about the relevance of this situation with the idea of preparing cadets for impending tasks at the forces; majority of the Indian forces instructors argued that whatever methods are being used to teach the students are acceptable, as teachers and instructors know the best. On the other hand, some of the officials have stood stern to the fact that nothing and no one can justify the point of beating up someone for the sake of training.

Let me leave this question for you to be answered; “Are you supportive of the fact that beating someone so hard to toughen them up in order to become a better professional is acceptable?”

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