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Importance of team outings


In a world that is focused on satisfying customers and clients, companies tend to forget their most valuable asset – their employees. Without the hard work of each and every individual in the company, work would never get done, clients wouldn’t be made happy and the company could not survive productively.

This is because members of happy and effective teams share three traits: familiarity, communication, and trust. Unfortunately, offices can’t always inspire these traits to develop: varying assignments and remote working can make it difficult to establish teams that work to the best of their ability.

Enter the team outing. Often thought of as a break for employees, these outings can actually hold the key to creating better teams! Here’s how team outings can strengthen and deepen team bonds:

1) Re imagine your environment.

In order for new topics of conversation and a fun atmosphere, the office environment has to give way to a new, less familiar location. Consider hosting your next outing in the park, a nearby city, or even a completely new location like an ice skating rink!

2) Include a “challenge” to get everyone to participate.

By coming up with a goal for the event and weaving an entertaining challenge around it, people will feel compelled to join in the fun and make the most of your event.

3) Don’t forget the keepsake!

At the end of the day, make sure that participants have something to remember the day by

With the right combination of imagination, intrigue, and memorability, your event can take your team to the next level. For more tips on building bonds and having a great time, check out all articles on our blog!

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