World's leading technology company IBM to offer job opportunities to Pakistani graduates

One of the world’s leading technology company IBM has finally decided to expand its operations in Pakistan, with the expansion throughout the country. The tech giant is all set to launch its own Client Innovation Centre in Pakistan.

Client Innovation Centre or CIC will be inaugurated in the major hubs of the country including; Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. In its initial quest, CIC aims to provide employment opportunities and internship experiences to the young graduates of the country.

IBM, through its CIC project, will work with universities and academic institutes, training the graduates to get themselves acquainted with the modern skills. Furthermore, the centre will also help universities in developing modern curriculum so that the graduates will be able to join rapidly growing world class organizations with ease.

After training the young professionals, CIC will also help the students get jobs on its own platform with the basic focus on IT experts.