HTC announces to release

HTC’s latest model which is called U-11 (pronounced as U-eleven) is surely innovative. Firstly, it’s squeezable, just like a ketchup bottle. Pressure sensors on the long edges of the phone, bottom half only, respond when you squeeze the device. HTC claims that this will work even if the phone is covered with the transparent protective case which comes with it.

The squeeze effect also works if you have gloves on or if thephone is underwater.  A quick squeeze will switch from front to rear camera while a longersqueeze takes repeated photos.

This HTC phone also has Amazon’s Alexa built in along with Google Assistant.

Like the iPhone 7, there’s no headphone socket on this phone so these connect through the USB-C socket. But HTC has also included an adapter with which you can  still plug in regular headphones. The screen is 5.5 inch wide just like the iPhone 7.

It comes in five colors which are Sapphire Blue, Amazing Silver, Brilliant Black and Ice White. They’ll be introducing a solar red later in the year which will change color  from deep red to golden yellow. The phone will come out next month for $649.