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Honda introduces self-balancing & autonomous motorcycle


Honda has introduced a new self-stabilizing motorcycle, which might be the easiest bike ever to ride. The company showcased its latest innovation in the much-awaited Consumer Electronics Show. Honda Ride Assist used robotics technology to make this motorcycle a reality.

Honda Ride Assist is basically a self-balancing motorcycle that has the capability to stabilize itself at low speeds, thus discouraging the chances of fall when the motorcycle is stationary.

This bike leaves behind the company’s mainstream gyroscopes in favour of electronic motors. These motors unfasten the handlebars from the front forks at speeds below 3 mph, passing control to a computer. The computers onboard calculate the bike’s lean angles and adjust the front wheel and fork angles to stabilize the bike by responding to any potential tip over.

Honda’s official website states:

“Honda concept envisions a future where vehicles will communicate with each other and infrastructure to mitigate traffic congestion and eliminate traffic fatalities, while increasing the productivity of road users and delivering new types of in-vehicle entertainment experiences.”