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Honda Civic 2017 with major fault in battery

Honda Civic 2017 instilled with major fault in battery

Honda Atlas Cars are ranked amongst the top vehicle manufacturers across borders, worldwide. Introducing top of the line car with edgy features, it has been praised as well as criticized with every new wheel on the road, whether it was the Honda Civic 2015 or 2016.

However recently, the team of Brands Magazine received a letter by a Honda Civic customer who had bought the latest 2017 model a few months back, but came to suffer not a minor structural issue but a major fault in the battery stability of the car. Here’s what he had to say:

“Honda Civic is one of the world’s largest and most reliable auto-mobile companies, catering a huge amount of consumers and fan following that only keeps growing. However, I recently came across a major fault in my Honda Civic 2017 that I purchased a few months ago. The fault is carried within the battery installed in the car, in which the water dries up after every 15 days approximately. Apparently, the charger of the car is so heavy that the battery cannot seem to bear its power for long and, therefore, dries up too quickly.

Not only I, but when discussed the issue in my social circle, the count of complaints only seemed to increase with every other owner of the new Honda Civic. I then got in touch with the automobile dealers at Honda Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi, and met the head of technical staff to ask for a solution. However, acknowledging the fault, he said that I must bear with the fault as there seemed to be no other option, but to re-fill the car battery every 8-10 days. Furthermore, he told me to keep a bottle of the battery water (basically ACID) with me in my car at all times, and as it is an automatic car and can breakdown at anytime as soon as the water level goes lower than required.

I asked the staff member whether the higher authorities of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan have been informed of the mentioned complaint to which he replied that several emails have been sent, however no response was availed. In fact, the complaint was being registered in approximately every car they had sold. Hence, I came to receive a response that there was no solution to the major fault and that I would have to keep the battery water (acid) in my car at all times, which could also be a risk to me and my family.

I have also proceeded with my legal adviser on which the officials of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan will receive a legal notice soon. I believe that you can handle this issue prudently and therefore, would want you to investigate into this matter as well, as I am in disbelief that Honda can actually stoop down to such betrayal.

As a loyal Honda customer, I demand an explanation for such a major fault and hope my consumer rights would be fulfilled. I request you to publish this article as the voice of consumers; as I have noticed that you have always maintained a balance between the good and bad aspects of all. Not publishing this article would be counted as a biased act; I hope my voice would reach the masses.”

On receiving the complaint and many more following, we contacted the officials of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan. However, it was unfortunate that they did not feel the need to respond, but accepted the fault with no assurance of its fixture in the model. It is unfortunate to see such ignorant behavior notifying the fact that the brand is one of the largest not only in Pakistan, but across the world.

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