The classic and dashing Honda Civic 2016-17 (1.8 i-VTEC) is selling at your nearest showroom with an amazing price starting from Rs 2,349,000 (1.8L i-VTEC).


The new Honda Civic 2016 is offering lots of luxurious accomplishments. Its new shape and design is way more attractive than the previous models. Honda civic came up with more superiority, with style and finesse, the vehicle will attract a large pool of customers from across the world.


The car will be available in 3 variants,

  1. 1.8L i-VTEC : 2,349,000
  2. 1.8L i-VTEC Oriel : 2,499,000
  3. 1.5 VTEC TURBO : 2,999,000

    The freight charges are listed below
    civicHonda Civic confirms new Prices.

    CIVIC 1.8:
    VTIPTSR @ Rs: 2513000/- +Tax
    VTIPTSR Nav @ Rs: 2587500/- +Tax
    VTIPTSR Nav+Leather @ Rs: 2647000/- +Tax

    Tax filer @Rs. 75000/-
    Tax Non filer @ Rs: 150000/-

    VTIPT @ Rs: 2349000/- +Tax
    VTIPT Nav. @ Rs: 2437500/- +Tax
    VTIPT Nav+Leather @ Rs: 2497000/- +Tax

    Optional features:
    Leather seats @ Rs: 59500/-
    Navigation system @ Rs: 74500/-

    Civic 1.5 Turbo:
    VTI CVT Turbo 1.5 @ Rs: 3013000/- +Tax
    Navigation/Leather seats/Rear entertainment included.
    Tax filer @ Rs: 50000/-
    Tax Non Filer @ Rs: 100000/-

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