Honda Atlas h...

Honda Atlas has something new in store!!!


Honda Atlas has been posting teaser images for something new. Social media is buzzed with predictions. Honda Atlas wanted us to be ready for something with Accelerating Perfection.  The booking for 1.5T model currently is on hold  due to ongoing engine knocking issues, although Honda Atlas never made any official statement about this matter dealerships across the country were not taking turbo Civic orders and also suggesting switching existing orders towards 1.8L variant.

According to recent reports, Honda Atlas is working on the fix, most probably a software patch and it was rumored that Atlas will start booking of Civic again very soon. The more confusing opinion is about Honda City. While many enthusiasts think that the teaser could be the launch of most awaited 6th generation Honda City, a large number suggests that the teaser is just another face-lift to a recently face-lifted Honda City launched as 2017 model earlier this year in April.

The teaser image shows a roof profile with a shark-fin antenna. Comparing the shape and profile of the antenna fixture we come to the conclusion that it does not match with the already launched 6th generation Honda City in overseas market/s. This makes us think that the teaser image might not be a 6th generation Honda City. This brings us to a conclusion somehow that our assumptions and guesses might be true and Honda Atlas is doing a face-lift to just face-lifted Honda City. Honda Atlas might bump the price upwards. There might be two additional exterior color options. Beige & Brown Metallic are predicted. On the exterior, new chrome door handles, SRS front driver & passenger air bags as standard.

If all above as mentioned here is true and we all will know about it in next few days, this will be a huge disappointment for many people who are waiting for a new generation of City.

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