Do you ever feel daft? Maybe you read encyclopedias and sit in lectures all day to make yourself smarter but these activities aren’t all that thrilling to most people and they might not be thrilling for you either. Luckily for you i’m here to tell you there are many hobbies that can expand your cognitive abilities.

Regular Exercise:-

We all know exercise is good but did you know it can also make you smarter, regular exercise can enhance object recognition memory, the ability to discriminate familiarity of previously encountered objects, not only that exercising regularly, releases brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) a protein linked to cognitive benefits like long term memory.


Learning a new language:-

Learning a language isn’t just useful for travelling. It also slows down the brain aging process and has a positive effect on later life cognition. Bilinguals are more better at solving puzzles, planning a task and management due better attention and task switching capacities in the brain.Speaking multiple languages can improve the brain’s executive functions meaning mentally demanding tasks can performed with ease.



Reading doesn’t only benefit your vocabulary but it also cause significant increases in connectivity in the left temporal cortex of the brain. Readers experience embodied semantics, a process that mirrors brain connectivity that occur during the actual actions.


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