HIV AIDs becomes a major threat, spreading in Karachi

According to health inquiries and reports, it has been known that since 2005 till date, the total number of patients admitted under the serious and death causing illness HIV AIDS has increased from 8,058 to 11,446 people. This count is only limited to Karachi.

According to the report, the total number of HIV AIDS victims has crossed over 42,000 throughout Sindh, with the percentage of patients increased from 8.3% to 17.7%.

Unfortunately, with the lack of resources and knowledge, Sindh AIDs Control Program has only registered 6,757 HIV AIDS patients, whereas there are still over 30,000 patients that are left unregistered.

The report published by Sindh AIDS Control Program shows that Sindh bears the highest number of HIV Aids patients across Pakistan, in comparison to other provinces.



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