Justice for Hina Shahnawaz - Honour killed for being man of the family

Honour killing in Pakistan has become a topic that has remained a reason of intense worry and thought provoking debate for the masses. Despite of the promises of stern actions, people and the authorities in general have failed to maintain peace for the situation. But, what would the authorities do when people themselves are devoid of the slightest bit of humanity? And another victim of this vulturous society is Hina Shahnawaz, who despite of being the role model in herself, lost her life to the menace of gender violence.

Hina was an ordinary yet motivated, daring and willing 27-year-old belonging to Kohat, KPK. Pursuing her M.Phil, she was the sole bread earner of the family, brutally shot dead on 6th February for becoming the voice of her home. Hina was viciously shot four times, because her cousin Mehboob Alam objected on her being a working woman.

#JusticeForHinaShahnawaz, honour killed for being "man" of the family

Hina started job when her father began his life-taking battle with cancer, but couldn’t win and thus she became the head earner due to being the only educated individual. Just after her father’s death, life took a toll again and her brother was killed in a petty fight, leaving the responsibility of his widow and a son on Hina’s shoulders once again along with debt of the house. Hina was already fighting million worries and problems, when she was killed for being independent and risking her freedom for fighting against loads of hurdles.

#JusticeForHinaShahnawaz, honour killed for being "man" of the family

A girl who was already under immense weight of the society was killed by her own first cousin. Reason? For sustaining livelihood, for taking place which this backward society has reserved for men, for being bold enough to go out and struggle to change her circumstances – for becoming man of the family.

Mehboob Alam ran away after shooting Hina and still isn’t in the reach of police. We demand an immediate action to be taken against the perpetrator and he should be hanged to death in front of the World, so no such man arises in the future and we lose a gem like Hina Shahnawaz.