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Hemani Herbal promotes clean beauty with an all-natural lifestyle solution to daily needs

We live in a world where conventionally produced health and beauty products are filled with synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Fortunately, the norm is changing as clean beauty is on the rise and buyers as well as influencers all over the globe are endorsing all-natural, organic and herbal products. Hemani Group in Pakistan is a well-established name in the beauty business, which is working to promote a natural lifestyle solution since 1949.

Boasting a range of more than 1200 products now, the brand has 5 factories and is readily distributing in over 86 countries all over the world; and that goes on to show the high demand of the renowned brand.

A lifestyle solution

The motto of Hemani Herbal is simple: to provide “A Natural Lifestyle Solution” to consumers. Hemani Herbal has a wide range of products from Skincare, Fragrances, Essential oils, Personal Care, Health Care and Hair Care. The brand’s idea is that when the consumers are investing in healthy food and exercise routines to maintain a healthy body, it is equally important to provide them chemical-free products with no artificial scents for personal care and hygiene so that they stay away from parabens, silicones and other hazardous chemicals.

For providing an environmental friendly product range which has no strange side effects if used for a long time, Hemani Herbal was also awarded as Brand of the Year 2019.

Sanitization at its best

The brand is not only health and environment conscious, but also has emerged victorious during testing times. Since the pandemic enveloped the world in 2020, Hemani Herbal has launched a range of products to ensure everyone’s safety and protection, and even then the brand followed the organic way.

It introduced a variety of Sanitizers in different sizes and fragrances, which kill 99.99% germs. The brand’s focus is on providing an ammunition that can be used anywhere and everywhere to safeguard your loved ones. A Sanitizer spray is available in 120ml & 50ml multipurpose packaging which is travel friendly. Pocket sizes are also available with different fragrances and packaging options — 30ml, 50ml, & 65ml —  to carry around and remain germ free. For your home and office desk, you can use the 250ml sanitizers.

New products to try

Moving to the demands of personal care, Hemani has recently launched its deodorant range, which include products that have fresh and oriental scents. They are best replacements of harmful and toxic deodorants and antiperspirants.

Hemani is not stopping at personal care and hygiene but for the first time, WB By Hemani has now introduced a Herbal Oil Dietary Supplements 13 different herbal oils — Black Seeds Oil, Castor Seeds Oil, Costus Root Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseeds Oil, and many more — each having unique and distinctive health and wellness benefits.

Collectively, all these products contribute in strengthening your immune system. So, Hemani Herbal is providing an armour you need to fight against COVID-19 and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The products are fairly priced and easily accessible to people as Hemani has 37 outlets all across Pakistan. All products are also available online at or

Stay healthy and stay safe!

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