Hats off to you, Arshad!

Kindness and goodness can never be overrated. No matter how gruesome this society becomes, there are still some people who restore your faith on humanity. And, this is exactly what happened with me yesterday. Due to wedding festivities on the rise, I along with my family went in for a shopping spree at Ocean Mall. I was carrying a lot of cash, jewelry, and other valuables and unknowingly I forgot my bag at the coffee shop outside McDonald’s.

While I was on the quest to search my bag, someone approached me and told me that he had it. Ahsan, an employee of McDonald’s, returned the bag and asked me to check if it had all my belongings or not. Much to my surprise, everything was inside the bag in exactly the same way. Cherry on top, I had even forgotten to zip my purse.

Ahsan not only kept my bag safely, but also searched around the entire mall to return it back to the rightful owner. What’s more is that the bag was not even inside the McDonald’s vicinity which would have made him obliged to protect it as I had forgotten it outside of the McDonald’s Ocean Mall outlet.

Ahsan’s generosity definitely touched my heart. He not only protected my bag, but also made the effort to return it back to me, which is worth applauding. McDonald’s definitely has a set of hardworking individuals with generosity and honesty instilled as core values. Nevertheless, Pakistan is in dire need of such employees who are not only hardworking but also diligent and trustworthy.