HandEnergy - Charge your gadgets from your body's energy

In the era of power-banks and solar-power devices, 19-year-old Michael Vaga has invented a new device that lets you charge gadgets on the go with just your hand.

HandEnergy, allows you to charge your cellphone by rotating your hand, the rotation of your hand activates the device’s gyroscope and produces energy which can be stored or used to charge a mobile.

He said: “With each rotation of your hand, the rotor speed increases significantly and generates more power. The average speed of the rotor is 5,000rpm.”

“We translate the mechanical energy you put in into electrical energy and this means you can charge your device.”

The invention of the HandEnergy took about a year to complete, made especially for people who spend long hours away from power sources.

The estimated time to fully charge the battery of a device is about 40 minutes to one hour.
If the phone is being charged at the same time then the speed will be reduced by 30%.

According to Mr. Vaga, the device is not only helpful at times of emergency but it is also a good example of clean energy.

The co-founder of HandEnergy, Alex Novik explains the working principle behind HandEnergy stating; “You may be familiar with the wrist-training device called the Powerball, which is a powerful handheld gyroscope.”

HandEnergy - Charge your gadgets from your body's energy

“We came up with the idea of putting a battery, metal coil and magnets inside a similar device for generating electricity. We spent a year developing it, trying to find the best materials we could. After around a dozen prototypes, we finally arrived at one that we were happy with.”

HandEnergy will be available from March 2017 with an expected retail price of €99 (PKR 10,000/-).

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