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Hackers can now get into system with this “Speaker cum Microphones”


Security researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University have turned speakers into microphones. It means that your headphones can also work as microphones; listen and speak at once. What they actually did was they modified the RealTek audio codec chip output that is found in many desktop computer by transforming it into an output channel.

The software has been named as “SPEAK(a)R”. It can be used to obtain “intelligible audio” from earphones and then conducted distances up to numerous meters away. What it implied is that the hackers can also listen to your conversation, even if they have plugged them in an output-only jack.

Additionally, there is no way through which you can prevent the hackers from getting into your system. No driver fix or software update. Disabling the microphone would be of no use too. So, what’s the purpose of such speakers turned microphone?