From ancient times there have been cities that have led the world in population. Here we have complied a few that influenced the world tremendously


Cities have, of course, grown vastly bigger over time. Nine thousand years ago, Çatalhöyük led the world with 1,000 people. Today, Tokyo has 38 million.This trend is a mark of increasing social complexity, and it could be just getting started.Keep reading to see the greatest cities in history.



Located in Turkey, Çatalhöyük is considered to be the world’s first city. By 6500 BCE its population of 3,000 was even more impressive.The city consisted of hundreds of mud-brink homes stacked on two mounds. It was so dense that people walked on the roofs of houses rather than streets.The city had a rich culture, evidenced by murals, figurines, and ceremonial burial sites. A painting on one wall has been called the world’s oldest map and the world’s oldest landscape painting. Çatalhöyük was abandoned around 5700 BCE.


Tell Brak:-

Tell Brak led the world with 4,000 people by 5000 BCE

Located in Syria, Tell Brak was part of a major trade route, situated on a river crossing between Anatolia, the Levant, and southern Mesopotamia.The city was also home to the “Eye Temple,” named by archaeologists for the discovery of hundreds of idols featuring big eyes.


Memphis and its pyramids:-

After the legendary first pharaohs unified Egypt around 3100 BCE, they built a new capital at Memphis. From the royal city, which was located between Upper and Lower Egypt, the pharaohs collected taxes from around the country and dispensed patronage to local lords.This city is known for the nearby pyramids, where pharaohs were buried, as well as the Great Sphinx.Memphis declined after the rise of Thebes and then Alexandria. Today it is preserved as a heritage site.

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