Do you have any idea that all the voice searches that you made through search engine giant Google are being recorded and stored in its database? Yes, whatever you voice search – all the snippets of your voice are captured through Google.

According to Free Thought Project, the recording feature of Google records all the search results without the consent of the user. Thus, it uses the recorded searches in order to improve its database. However, different right to speech media organizations have now started pointing at search engine’s questionable method to collect the accurate and relevant data.

As per the statistics, Google processes a nominal of over 40,000 search queries every second, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, globally.

With the help of illegal records the Google has been keeping, it influences the search results and predicts the future trends based on users personal information.

According to The Independent:

“The recordings can function as a kind of diary, reminding you of the various places and situations that you and your phone have been in. But it’s also a reminder of just how much information is collected about you, and how intimate that information can be. You’ll see more if you’ve an Android phone, which can be activated at any time just by saying “OK, Google.” But you may well also have recordings on there whatever devices you’ve interacted with Google using.”

On the other hand, when the information was revealed the search engine defended itself by saying that the information is never used against its credible users and that it only collects data to enlighten the information feedback.

Do you know that Google is recording everything you say? Here's how you can stop it!

So, if you are not okay with your favourite search engine tracking your voice and recordings, here is how you can delete all your substantial information: