Google Maps' bizarre new tool will help you locate clean public toilets nearby

Google Maps is beneficial when it comes to tracking the place or location you want to be. Finding restaurants, fuel stations, hospitals, and any place you want to be have never been easier. In a weird new move, Google Maps has bring about an update which will help people locate clean toilets nearby.

As per the UNICEF report released the previous year, it has been found that more than 40 million Pakistani populace defecate in public places. Thus, it has become an important problem for the heath and nutrition of the entire country.

In order to improve the sanitation of the country, UNICEF has partnered with the Government of Pakistan.

Owing to this problem being faced in the sub-continent, Google has built a new tool in collaboration with India’s Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). First to be available for people in Delhi, the app will help people an access to clean public restrooms. Users can search for the location by simply typing “toilet”, “lavatory” or Hindi words as substitute. In return, they will be shown an access to the clean public toilet.

As for now, the results are limited to the local malls, hospitals, and gas stations. Once a positive feedback is received, Google will take the initiative one step further and introduce it to Pakistan too.