Google removed more than 914 million URLs for copyrights infringement

Google has banned more than 914 million URLs because of the copyrights infringement during 2016. In its annually released transparency report , Google has revealed that it received requests from around the world regarding the information and data being invaded through certain domains.

As per the report, Google has removed more than 2 billion URLs from 2011 till now. During 2016, about 352,000 websites were affected and Google blocked 914 million URLs that interloped its charters.

The company stated:

“Our goal is to help everyone understand the impact that copyright has on available content through transparency. We push back on these requests when they fail to include the necessary information or we suspect they are fraudulent.”

Google follows a complete procedure through which websites with bogus information or copyright infringement are blocked. Upon request, the search engine reviews the websites and dig out all the details.

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