Google Chrome has undoubtedly become one of the most used browser of the world. Owing to its clear emergence in the web browsing world, it stood first with 56.43% user base globally.

As per Net Market Share statistics, Chrome started 2016 with 36% usage statistics which shot to fame at 56% by the end of previous year.

Google Chrome - The most used web browser around the world

On the other hand, Internet Explorer was leading the chart at the start of the year with 40.88%, but the statistics slumped to 21% by 2016’s end.

Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge had the user-base of 3%, 12%, and 5% respectively.

It has already been predicted that Chrome would continue hitting the charts for quite some time. However, Microsoft Edge which is the go-to choice for gamers is fast catching up, in a very short span of its functioning.