Google spent whooping $3 million on bounty hunters in 2016

Google has recently pulled the wraps off the price it paid bounty hunters to get rid of hacking scam and other such loopholes in the system. The search engine giant has revealed that it paid $3 million to bug finders in 2016 to find search bugs in 59 countries.

The hackers revealed that more than thousand security vulnerabilities from Google products including Chrome and Android were found from the mentioned countries.

Previously, the company paid $2 million to developers in 2015, higher than that of $1.5 million in 2014. Google has paid over $9 million on finding security vulnerabilities from the system, since it initiated functioning in 2010.

The payout of finding bugs also varied with vulnerability issue concerned with the problems created, ranging to even $100,000.

However, an increase in the payout doesn’t necessarily indicate that the problems in Google are increasing. But, it points that bounty hunting has definitely been turning into a profession in this fast paced tech world where unethical hacking is rising. Thus, the payout in turn is also escalating with big numbers.

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