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First look of Toyota Aqua 2018 is finally out


Toyota Aqua, also known as Toyota Prius C is currently one of Japan’s best selling cars! Just in quarter one of 2017, the company successfully managed to sell 40,000 units like hot cakes!

Often referred to as ‘Baby Prius’ the Aqua is a smaller version of the bigger car, equipped and boasting more or less the same features. This time around, Toyota decided to give the 2018 Aqua a makeover!

Although the new Aqua looks much similar to its predecessor, it is significantly bigger in size. It features a much more aggressive design language which allows the vehicle to live up to its SUV-look. The front has received some minor detail changes; for a sportier look, the hood has been reshaped and a large hexagonal grille has been introduced. The rear of the vehicle is very similar to the older model in terms of design. Some minor changes to be noted include the narrow taillights and bumper, which is slightly more squared now.

In spite of the 2018 Prius C’s new look, the model’s gasoline-electric powertrain is left unchanged. All Prius C models once again utilize a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and two AC motor/generators that produce a combined 99 horsepower. The larger motor/generator is geared directly to the final-drive differential to provide propulsion and to generate electricity during deceleration.

The car also has an ECO mode for even greater efficiency, as well as the ability to travel solely on electric power for about a mile at speeds under 25 mph. The new Aqua is expected to hit the market this summer. However, its fully redesigned model is not expected to arrive until 2019.

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